Wednesday, May 23, 2012

May 23

May 23. It’s not that I have been neglecting prayer or trying to save the best for last. I was simply looking for my old prayer stones because I thought they would make a pretty picture.

I have used journals, notecards, stones … to aid my prayer time over the years. I don’t always have a “formal” prayer time where I talk to God for an extended period of time. Normally I pray through my day, while I’m doing my more boring chores such as sorting laundry or doing dishes. From time to time I pray through my runs—especially the longer ones.

Do I think God is offended that I don’t always have a formal prayer time or that I pray through mundane tasks? No. While He is the Kind of the Universe, as a Christian I have the open opportunity, an open invitation to talk to Him as my Father.

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