Tuesday, May 15, 2012

May 15

May 15. My older daughter was complaining that she didn’t want to grow up. As a mom I was caught between reminding her “enjoy being a kid, don’t grow up too fast” and “you need to grow up and take on more responsibility.” She can’t imagine a life without the toys and things she has in her room now. I reminded her that I used to have cars, legos, and stuffed animals but my tastes changed. Her response—she wishes I still had my toys because I’m boring now.

I suppose she’s right in a way. Paying bills and keeping house will tend to do that to a person. But my tastes have changed and hers will, too.

Changes. Adjustments. They can be hard and frustrating. They can lead to something different, something better. I finally let go of a chair this weekend. It was one of those items we gratefully accepted as newlyweds when we were short on money and furniture. It was several years old when we got it so when I donated it this weekend it was pushing 40—in furniture years this is old.

The chair served its purpose well. I had rocked each of my daughters in it. I had slept in it. It is time for a change though.

Maybe there are other things I need to change. Maybe I should consider more seriously my daughter’s words. Have I changed so much that I’m boring? Can there be a balance between growing up and staying young?

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