Monday, August 29, 2011

All about me book

All about me book

Around the ages of 4 and 5, Pediatricians check to see if kids know their name, their gender, their address, phone number, and things like that. To make acquiring this knowledge more fun for my girls I wrote a “book” for each of them. It turned out like this:

My name is {insert first name} {insert last name}. I am {insert age} years old and I am a {insert gender}.

My mommy’s name is [this page can be tailored to whoever the child’s guardians are: Mommy, Daddy, Step-parents, grandparents.]

I have [this page can be tailored to siblings and anyone else other than guardians that the child lives with—their relationship, name, an age if appropriate.]

[On this page I talked about their pets.]

We live in {insert city or town}, {insert state}. Our address is {insert street address}. Our phone number is {insert phone number}.

[I finished off the book with “That’s me and my family” and a family picture]

I have also included pictures on most pages. This has helped both my girls learn their information. Now if I could just remember to update it each birthday, it would probably be even better :)

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