Saturday, October 8, 2011


There’s a lot wrong with this world. There are also a lot of super-hero movies out now. Some heroes such as Batman don’t have super powers, but others such as Spiderman have special powers.

I asked my family if they could have one super-power, what would it be and why?
Jordi (6) – wants to fly super fast so she can get to places on time
AJ (9) – wants zapping power so she can stop bullies or zap her sister to her room when she’s being annoying
Ken – wants invisibility so he can gather intelligence
Me? – I want super-speed so I can get my chores done quickly and have more time for fun.

How about you? Would you want super-brains so you can solve the problems of the world or maybe ace that test? Or maybe you’d want to read minds so you can read you teacher’s mind for that test or your kids so you can finally figure them out?

What super-power would you want and why?


  1. Seth (8) - I want to shoot invisible lasers out of my hands because I like lasers and stuff

    Gav (5) - I want to be able to jump up in the air and spin around lots of times

    Me - I want to fly. It's a freedom thing :)

  2. Seth - I love the lasers idea!
    Gav - Hmm, yes, I think I can see where spinning would come in handy
    You - Maybe someday? :)