Saturday, October 15, 2011


Have you ever had to deal with the question of evolution? If your teacher holds different beliefs or views than you, Focus on the Family’s Club House does not recommend standing up in class and arguing. However, if evolution comes up in conversation with a friend or classmate, here are some things to consider:

Miracles of Darwinism
Evolution is taught as a science. But by excluding God, evolution ultimately boils down to the religion of self-worship. Check out these miracles that evolutionists have to believe:
Spontaneous generation of life: No evolutionist can fully explain how life began. Some say lightning; some say spacemen. But life can’t even be created in a lab today.
Creative power of time: Time is the hero in evolution. But adding time doesn’t improve the odds of complex, chance developments.
Persistence of the improbably: Evolution relies on mutational change to create more sophisticated plants and animals. Yet science shows that mutations overwhelmingly impact life negatively.
Punctuated equilibrium: This idea states that species stayed the same for millions of years and then quickly changed, leaving no fossil record. The evidence for this idea is that there is no evidence. Creationists would say the lack of a fossil record for transitional species points directly to a divine Creator.

My Teacher Says Evolution is Fact
Instead of standing up in class and shouting, “That’s not true!” creationist expert and speaker Rich Carroll suggests asking questions.
“There’s very little to be gained by being confrontational,” Carroll says. “The Bible teaches us to be loving and humble in dealing with people. Questions can be the least threatening and most powerful tools in helping to bring up an issue and change a person’s mind.”
When evolution comes up at school or in a conversation with a friend, try asking these questions:
1. If all animals and humans evolved from other creatures, why don’t we find any fossils of transitional forms that are halfway between two creatures?
2. If the universe began as a bunch of disorganized elements, where did those elements come from?
3. Why aren’t fossils of the simplest organisms found in the “oldest,” deepest layers of the earth and more complex organisms found near the top?

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