Thursday, February 24, 2011

Changing and Adapting

As your kids get older, your relationship and interaction changes. My kids are starting to learn to entertain themselves as they explore their own interests and identities. This means adjustment for you and them.

My younger daughter likes to play her DS while her big sister is in dance class. Sometimes she likes to sit on her own, but sometimes she likes to curl up beside me. I balance my book in one hand and wrap my other arm around her.

My older daughter likes to draw or color before bed. Again, I balance a book in one hand while I rub her neck or shoulders with my other.

In each of these instances, we are able to preserve the contact of cuddling while pursuing individual interests. I communicate to my daughters that I love, encourage and support them. If they need to talk, even if I need to tell them to wait a moment while I finish a sentence, I will put my book down and give them my full attention. They also learn that I have interests aside from being a maid, chauffeur and zookeeper.

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