Monday, July 19, 2010

Bubble Snakes

Over the last several years I have been collecting activities to do with kids. I finally got them organized this year--well, somewhat. This summer I wanted to test them.

Bubble Snakes--or The Foamerator as Family Fun magazine and Betz White of call it--is fun and cheap. You'll need plastic water bottles (the individual drinking size), scissors, rag or towel, rubber band, and dish soap or bubble solution.

"To make one, use scissors to cut the bottom off a plastic water bottle. Cover the open end with a circular piece of twoel that's a few inches wider than the bottle. Secure the towel with a rubber band and dampen it with water, then dip it into a shallow bowl of dish soap. Blow gently through the mouth of the bottle to create snakes of tiny bubbles."

My girls and I made these last week and discovered a few things. Your mouth has to completely cover the mouth of the bottle to blow (or blow like a trumpet). If it doesn't work at first, check to make sure the rag/towel piece and rubber band are tight. it is best to breathe in through the nose to help avoid sucking the bubbles into your mouth. Other than that, we had fun with this one. Try having a contest to see who can make the longest snake before the bubbles fall off or blow away. The winner gets ... a bit dizzy

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