Wednesday, May 25, 2011

To the future!

The following post is part of a blogfest*. I have never participated in one of these before, but since I’m all about trying new things (remember the self-expansion, expanding your borders?) I decided to give this one a try. Besides, I thought it would be a good confidence booster (who doesn’t need one of those once in a while) to remind me of my goals.

Dear Jenny—published author,
You did it! You realized that childhood dream of being a published author. When you wrote that Winnie-the-Pooh fan fic in the blank page of that old address book could you really imagine this day? And can you believe what you actually got published? You’ve come a long way, struggled and grown a lot through silly poetry, songs, teen angst stories and even some goofy fan fiction. You finally found your voice and your calling. You survived all the rejection letters, your kids survived your scatter-brained-ness, and your husband survived you rambling on and on and on …

While you can take a little time to enjoy this little victory, you know it’s time to get serious. You thought you were serious before, but you’ll have to take your writing and your focus to the next level now. You are published so this really is your job. But at least you’re getting paid for it! Yay! But seriously, you’re going to have to be more organized. Tweak that schedule. Just remember to carve out some time for your family where you TRY to turn off the writer and chill.

Congrats and may the muse be with you!

Jenny—aspiring writer

*this blogfest is Letters to the Future and is not just for writers. Is there something you want to remember in the future?


  1. Winnie-the-Pooh fan fiction! What a fun idea! haha

    Thanks for participating!

  2. yeah, I need to remind myself to "try" and turn off the wirter and chill too. :)

  3. excellent letter - i particularly relate to the scatter-brained-ness!

  4. Thank you all for stopping by and checking out my blog! It was alot of fun writing the letter and I think it helped remind me to get focused and remember my goal.

  5. What a great letter!! I think you did fabulous for your first blogfest! I loved it! I really enjoyed writing mine as well. Kristin Rae is brilliant!

  6. Great letter. I signed up to particpate too, I guess I need to get on top of it. I think we all need to give ourselves a little pep talk every now and then. Great job.

  7. And it's been great to visit some new blogs and meet other writers