Monday, November 15, 2010

Bullied Survey

If you have ever been bullied, please help me help others by filling out this survey. No names are necessary. I will use the information gathered to research how to best help those who are currently being bullied. You can email your completed survey with Bully Survey in the subject line to If that email does not work, you may use just be sure Bully Survey is in the subject line. Thank you.

  1. Were you bullied in gradeschool (K-5th), Middle School (6th-8th), Highschool (9th-12th), College?
  2. How were you bullied? Physical? Please explain. Verbal? Please explain.
  3. Do you know why you were bullied? Please explain.
  4. How did you react?
  5. If you are completing this survey, then you survived the bullying. What helped you get through it?
  6. Some kids these days are not surviving. They are giving up on themselves, on life. Do you have any advice or encouragement for those who are currently suffering being bullied?

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